Anti-Tag Nanobody/VHH Beads

Anti-Tag Nanobody beads are based on agarose beads or magnetic beads which are covalently coupled with alpaca VHHs with excellent performance and can pull down specific target protein and its interaction factors from tissues. In addition to traditional antibodies consisting of two heavy and light chains, camelids also contain a second antibody called heavy chain antibody (HcAb). HcAb consists of only two heavy chains and no light chains. The heavy chain variable region of HcAb is named Nanobody/VHH. Nanobodies have a small molecular weight (~ 15KD), strong specificity, high affinity, good stability and can be produced with high quality avoiding the batch-to-batch variation of traditional antibodies.

Applications of Alpaca Anti-Tag Beads

Advantages of  Alpaca Anti FLAG Beads
Alpaca Anti-FLAG Beads Traditional Antibodies
Directly coupled to beads covalently Need protein A/G coupled to beads first
No heavy and light chains in downstream interactions Contamination of heavy and light chains in downstream applications
Acids and alkali resistance, tolerance to harsh conditions IgG will limit the use of buffers, poor tolerance to some reagents
Short incubation time 5 – 30 minutes Long incubation time
Low batch to batch variations Polyclonal antibodies are not stable between batches
Well validated and qualified Each antibody needs to be validated individually
Typically, antibodies are not detectable in Western Blot Antibody protein contamination in western blot


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