Antibody Screening Service

Antibody Screening Service
VHH Phage Library Screening

1. Screening process: Use immunotube panning or magnetic bead panning; detect the phage titer before and after each round of panning, and calculate the degree of enrichment
2. Single clones were randomly picked from multiple rounds of bio-panning of the library, verified by ELISA, and positive clones were sequenced. Or enriched phage library DNA can be used as template for PCR which will be used for NGS analysis.

Schematic diagram of the phage screening process
Yeast screening

Yeast screening can be sorted by FACS (Fluorescence activated Cell Sorting), and the screening process is intuitive and visual.

Screening process: Use Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting, MACS) to conduct initial screening of clones that can bind to antigen and then further cell sorting by flow cytometry. Finally, monoclonal identification or NGS analysis is performed for sequence analysis.

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