Affinity Measurement Services

Affinity Measurement Services
BLI (Bio-Layer Interferometry) / Octet uses fiber optic biosensors to detect changes in the thickness of the optical layer during association and dissociation processes. The real-time shifts of the interference spectrum will be displayed and the association constant,  dissociation constant, and binding affinity will be calculated.
 AlpalifeBio uses Gator Biomolecular Interaction technology (BLI) to provide customers with fast and accurate affinity determination services. Compared with other interactive analysis techniques, such as ELISA, co-immunoprecipitation, and yeast two-hybridization, BLI assays have significant advantages such as real-time, label-free, wide detection range and can accurately detect the intermolecular binding mechanism, complex stability, affinity, specificity, interaction kinetics, etc.

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