• 2016 Founding Time
  • 100+ Employee Count
  • 28000ft² Laboratory

GPCR Drug Development Support

We rely on the world's leading nanobody screening technology. Combining cutting-edge technologies such as protein chemistry, computational biology, structural biology, and molecular pharmacology, AlpalifeBio has created an innovative molecular design platform for antibody drug discovery. Our company is committed to providing comprehensive CRO services to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness for new drug development.

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Nanobody/VHH Discovery Service

Nanobody is the variable domain of heavy chain-only antibody (HcAb) first isolated from the serum of Camelidae family about 20 years ago. Nanobody is 4 nm in length, 2.5 nm in width. It has a molecular weight of 15 kD, only 1/10 the size of conventional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) attributed to lacking the light chain (L) and heavy chain constant domains (CH). Nanobody exhibits high specificity and affinity and outperforms conventional antibody in many aspects, such as high stability, great water-solubility and easy and feasible development process.

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Protein Expression And Purification

Our company has established an efficient recombinant protein expression and purification platform. We  provide one-stop protein expression service with bacterial expression system, yeast expression system, insect cell and mammalian cell expression system for different proteins. Our technical team led by senior scientists have many years of experience in recombinant protein design and purification,providing assistance on structural and functional study of important drug target proteins such as GPCRs.

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Novel Nanobody/VHH and GPCR-targeted Drug Development

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